Day 3 & 4 rafting the Grand Canyon

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Rafting the Grand Canyon certainly was a big highlight for me in 2021. It was unexpected~yet a dream of mine for decades. It is funny how life prepares you for experiences and then offers you chances to use the preparation, if you choose to grab it.

I've been working out (again~I'm a yo-yo with exercise since forever) on my Peloton bike that was delivered March 2021. I have always loved spin classes. They challenge me, my heart, lungs, legs, mind, spirit AND they help me burn fat. What the bike has done for me this year is get me out of a mind funk~an overwhelming feeling of despair from the events of the last several years. I don't know if I had ever recognized that I had anxiety, but I certainly became aware of it in 2020~ it caused me several days of high blood pressure, head pounding, laying in bed with the drapes drawn. I averted my attention to other interests, re-doing a camper, focused on getting out more with hiking, biking, day trips away from home, cooking~ funny how I never resorted to cleaning~ ancestry research, watercolor experiments...but the intense physical outlet was missing. Then my Peloton bike arrived.

It took me several weeks~several~ to not feel overly tired after getting off. My systems are getting stronger, I'm inspired by the instructors. I can pick my music, my class, my time. I can do a weight training class followed by an ab class, yoga, stretching, outdoor walking. I'm loving this option at this time~

What does that have to do with my trip to the Grand Canyon? Well let me say that the 2 hour hike up and down the side of a canyon wall to the ancient grain bins couldn't have been done in March. No way. I would have passed out. Not only was it steep, it was HOT. Life had prepared me (and I had accepted the challenge) for physical exercise and when the trip of a lifetime runs over you, you grab it. I had a brief moment of 'should I do the hike'? Can I do the

hike? Will my body handle it or will I be embarrassed. I did it! I held my own. A for effort on that one.

Last spring I started playing around with video editing, filming, splicing, music, building a platform on YouTube. I invested both money and time~and then quietly quit posting, editing and sharing. The trip to GC with a bunch of highly motivated and educated women, helped me realize that my gifts, my voice, my talents are worthy, valuable and needed. Each of us have our own unique style, viewpoints, methods~ don't let someone's remark about what you do stop you from doing it. Don't allow the 'non-comments' become your voice.


You own your voice, your destiny, your adventure. Only you can tell your story~ in whatever way you choose

~Be proud of who you are, what you do, the talents, the hobbies, the life experiences you share (or not share). I was stopping doing what I enjoyed based off of perceptions, small comments~ who cares what they think? Are they living one second in your shoes? Do they have any idea of the chapters that have come before? NO~ so don't allow them to be a voice inside your head that discourages you from doing, trying, being.

Life is short. Buy the shoes. Eat the cake. Travel the places you want to, in the method you want. Stop to smell the roses, look over the vistas, read the history placards, share your story.

The 2nd video about the Grand Canyon, Day 3 & 4 has been shared on YouTube. If this above link doesn't work, it is shared under 'videos'. My voice.

Until next time~ GO Adventure!!

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