WARNING~ Roadtrip coming up~

It's been in the planning stage for at least 2 years. It has gotten derailed due to LIFE....pandemic in 2020 kept me home. In 2021 I was in serious 'safety' protocols for babies, weddings, babies and weddings. What am I talking about? A trip in JANUARY out of Kansas~I'm not going where it is warmer, which most people do. Nope, I'm headed to an area I've been wanting to explore. It gets pretty hot there during the summer, so why not go in the winter?

I'm set to take off in the next 24 hours. Where will I go? Not disclosing the area yet. It'll be more fun if I leave nuggets of adventure via photos. The one above was an old mining building I discovered north of the ghost town "St. Elmo" in Colorado. I was taking a gravel road to the Alpine Trail for an early morning hike. I wasn't expecting to find several buildings in decent shape, although one was sliding down a hill.

I'm hoping that I can find a few more old mining trails, buildings, ghost towns on this trip. There is a natural draw to historical places. Maybe not earth shattering history, but evidence of a life, an existence, a piece of someone's memory that I can tap into. It keeps me connected to where my ancestors might have travelled, built, developed. Ok, that may be a fetch. When I was actively doing Ancestry.com I had a distant relative tell me about my paternal grandmother's family~ she had done lots of research for that side of the family. She said, "Well there certainly were a lot of characters. Lots of horse thieves and renegades in that lineage." Certainly might explain why my grandmother never mentioned her family and why the family 'rumor' was she ran away from home at age 16.

I've got several stops planned that I think will provide some interesting places to photograph. I know there will be interesting people and historical information to learn.

Let's hope this January will be the start to ADVENTURES all through 2022~ because it certainly will help brighten the days to come.

Let me know where your next adventure is~

Happy Adventuring!


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