Vintage...Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Chicago Rattan

Who loves flea markets? How about unexpected finds that you can buy online?? I'm going to share some photos with you, let me know what you think!

How about an antique HEYWOOD BROTHERS & WAKEFIELD (before it was blended into Heywood Wakefield... stool is old and researching the label there is no clear understanding how old it might be.

1870's! It's in good shape for 150 years old! Here's a photo of the label.

Great find don't you think? Well I'm going to be working on several ideas on how I can bring my finds into your homes. Maybe it'll be on EBAY, maybe here on my blog on a scheduled day & time~ with a YouTube live event and we can shop through what I've found in the previous month. One way or another~ let's go shopping!!

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