Heywood Brothers & Wakefield VINTAGE items

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I'm beginning to post a few items for SALE on this webpage. If you are interested, send me an email via whimsywondering@gmail.com and we will set up a payment option. I have PayPal, Venmo and cash options at this time. DG KS taxes for local sales. (9.3%)

For shipping purposes, I ship from Lawrence, KS or Perry, KS for larger items requiring OTR.

Look for new items to be added on Friday's!!

Vintage 8 QT Milk carrier basket A substantial aluminium carrier in great shape. Imagine it with vintage teal blue mason jars filled with fresh flowers on your dining table, or outside on your porch. Not easy to find these in this great shape!

$45 + FREE shipping, lower 48 USA

Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company, Chicago red label

A charming footstool crafted from wicker and aged with just enough knicks to give it credibility for its age. Heywood Brothers was BEFORE the company became Heywood Wakefield. There is some information about the use of wicker and rattan around the mid 1800's-early 1900's because it was used as shipping material and readily available. The wood beads along the edge help to create the charm and enhance the hand-crafted beauty.

$125 + FREE shipping, lower 48 USA

Set of 3 Butter Paddles

Beautifully handcrafted wood paddles with just enough wear that gives us a hint that they were well loved. Dimensions of each is in photos. If you like aged wood, these are a perfect set.

$55 for set + FREE shipping, lower 48 only (USA)

Antique Vintage Large Brass Camel Cow Elephant Temple Bells Set of 2 Great Patina

They make a lovely sound when they move in the wind or with a door opening. Great shape, were kept in an old barn, unsure of age.

$55 + FREE shipping lower 48 USA

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