Travel theme~why not?

I've taken to adding 'themes' to my roadtrips in recent years. What are themes? you ask. Well one year I wanted to stop at the road side attractions along I-70 that I had always bypassed when I was in a hurry. You know, a hurry to get where I was going. Time to go, time to get there always mapped out with NEVER enough time to STOP and smell the flowers, research the history markers, to SEE and LEARN>

I decided that when I became SOLO, it mattered to me. Now I stop at interesting markers, beautiful vistas, wide spots along the road. I have an idea to search out all of the 'small' town beer breweries in Kansas and do a road trip to visit several, not because I am a huge fan of beer, but because wouldn't I meet some interesting people? The history of these small towns and their breweries would be interesting to me.

Well as I am researching my next road trip I can across an interesting information about the Walker Sisters. Do you know anything about them? or where they are located? I didn't either~so I did a quick search and found this video:

They were a family from the Great Smoky National Park area~and 5 of the 11 children stayed together in a home, deep in the woods, until the last one died in 1963. I don't want to give you the details~ all I want to do is to encourage you to listen to their story. I found it fascinating, people stories are always fascinating. Getting outside of your box and entering into an unknown box allows you to grow your mind, put down your defenses and realize differences in people are the constant. Accepting people for where you find them, where you encounter them in their lifeline and how they choose to live their life without judgement is one of the greatest gifts we give to the world.

Earth Day is coming up~ April 22~ what are YOU going to give to the earth? What is your GIFT?

Happy Spring everyone


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