The finishing touches~

Putting a torn apart (anything) is not as easy as one thinks because memories fade of how it all went together 6 weeks prior. What can you do to help facilitate an easy transition? Keep notes and take photos.

The most difficult thing for me, which required 3 different purchases, was the bathroom door knob replacement. Why did it need to be replaced? Well, I kinda didn't tape around it when I painted, thinking ~ oh, I'll scrape that paint off at the end. It wasn't that easy, I wanted the project done (you know at the end, you just want it done!) So Karen says to Karen, stop by the big box store, pick up a new door knob, badda-bing, you're done! NOPE> the door knobs are SIZED for travel trailers. DUH~everything is smaller in a small travel trailer: plumbing, sinks, refrigerators, hot water heaters. ALL OF IT> research or reading blogs is one way to figure that out. I ended up ordering one from Ebay. Remember I was very CV sensitive and tried very hard to stay out of public places.

I put in small steel plates in cut outs between my cabinets for use with magnetic spice holders. I replaced the front of the refrigerator with one as well. I sprayed them with a heavy duty paint to get the color-tone I wanted.

Here is a list of what was replaced or added:

*2 New 12 V Deep cycle batteries (love spending $ on things that are functional said no one ever, except when you can go off grid for a few days and not worry)

*5 new tires RV tires go by 'date' not by mileage, since many sit for months at a time

*Hot water anode, with a through cleaning out of the tank

*Propane tank (s) tubing

*New bedroom lay out with under bed storage area

*New dining room configuration; dining table and chair set up

*Storage containers above bed, in kitchen area, bathroom area


*2 coats of primer on ceiling, walls, cabinets

*2-3 coats of paint on white areas

* 2 coats of paint on cabinets

*Faux wood look on countertops

*Through inspection of plumbing in kitchen and bathroom sinks

*Storage under bed was adjusted and maximized

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