The BABY arrives!

Wondering where I've been? Well it has been a busy 10 days~ a new granddaughter (my first!!) I got to spend 2 super days with my 2 year old grandson and talk to him about his brand new sister. He was in awe of the entire process as we watched short videos and photos arrive on Nana's phone.

I have my 2nd vaccine shot! Whoot. What a long road this has been. Never again~let's just not put another generation through this EVER again. There certainly have been lots of negatives, but I'm going to focus on the positives. I've branched out, learned and continue to learn new skills. I am continuing to find a space for me to share my 'flea market finds', my sense of DAILY adventure~even without leaving your own home. It's a mental state of mind and has gotten me through some dark days this past fall and winter!

The 3rd thing that happened this past week was my Peloton bike has been delivered! I've been on a wait list for several months~ and am now getting back to my love of spinning and exercising.

I did take a trip around southern Douglas County this week and will be making a video on some areas that I came across and will intersperse it with some 'history', gotta keep educating myself on all the historical events and places that have taken place around my neck of the woods. I do love me some color~and this wall of colored pots caught my attention.

If you know me well, you know I also love old barns, buildings, churches and the nostalgia that comes with them. Follow along on my upcoming YouTube video to learn more about this late 1800's church and cemetery.

Finally, I do enjoy keeping my brain open, educated, alert and learning. So on my way BACK from these 2 (above) cool stops, I had to stop and take a photo of a couple of markers that sent me to the RESEARCH department on my computer, otherwise known as GOOGLE>

It's been a pretty cool week~ I hope yours has been as well. I'll be working on my ADVENTURE video and will post it by Tuesday, without any plans being disrupted!


Hugs and Kisses to all~ Let's kick 2021 into HIGH GEAR!

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