"Re-Style a Travel Trailer"... It'll Be Fun They Said....

AND IT WAS....some sort of adventure. I learned a TON. I honestly knew it would be work, but what I didn't know was how many avenues it would challenge me to learn new techniques and tips. I jumped right in after purchasing it in late July 2020. I spent about 6 weeks, working EVERY day on updating it, hoping to get out camping in September ~ Labor Day weekend was my goal.

Let' talk about what transpired~

First, the dining bench & table were removed. They took up so much room and I was looking for more space. OUT they went. Then I went about looking at how I was going to paint the walls and cabinets, but not take out the bed. I opted to remove everything that I could so I wasn't having to 'work around' them. The bed frame, bedside tables & counter tops, countertops in kitchen & bathroom, padded window décor, window blinds, microwave, stove, electrical covers...anything with a screw was removed. Not kidding. If it was bolted down, I removed it.

Basically, it looked like this before the 'hard' work began.

Now, what would YOU do if this was facing you as the summer August heat was just coming into 'vogue'....??

The pandemic of 2020 gave us some crappy days, but it also gave us 'time'. I had spent a fair number of days holed up in my home and when I realized it wasn't 'going' away, I chose to focus on improving time outdoor. Nature has a way of healing people. My mind veered to figuring out a solution to this problem.

Keep scrolling ~ turning pages ~ this story is JUST getting started!

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