Rails to Trails: A new discovery!

I'm sure those of you that are avid bicyclists already know and have traveled on the Rails to Trails network. But for those of you that haven't been as 'outdoorsy' or as 'adventurous' as others~ let me introduce you to what I'm talking about.

R-T (for short) is a nationwide effort to create a network of trails from former rail lines, connecting corridors across the country. It is a work in progress, and as far as I can tell, privately funded and started by a grassroots effort from volunteers. I discovered a trail while taking the 'back roads' to Forbes Field, located in SE Shawnee County, KS. I put on my GPS and before I knew it...I was not on any road I had traveled before (and I lived in SN Co for over 30 years!) I love happy mistakes because they lead to the BEST stories! Stories that are of discovering new places, people, nature, things...and all of it at any time. Who knows!!

I put together a video sharing this 'discovery' and I'll share it here. Let me know, in the comment section under the video if you have a R-T in YOUR neck of the woods~ do you use it? Are you set to go adventuring this spring? Will you keep it close or will you venture further away?

I have a grand baby due soon, so my adventures have been SLOW to GO this year, but I've used that time to learn how to use this website, how to use new cameras, how to use video editing software, lighting, cameras, action, mics...oh my! It's been it's own adventure in technology. I LOVE learning~ I just wish it came with a mentor I could call at any moment. This process is teaching me DEDICATION, attention to detail, focus, commitment, self-discovery, planning for future adventures and to ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE SUNNY SIDE. CV19 has been a bummer, but it doesn't mean your life has to remain there~ get to planning for YOUR next adventure, even if that means a 30 minute drive!!

Go for it!

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