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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The rage for updating your home, your travel trailer, your apartment ~ in case you don't know this is using PEEL & Stick tile, wallpaper, flooring.

When I first began to research what others were using I was intrigued by the use of these products. I have removed peel & stick contact papers from inside furniture drawers, even on the FRONT of drawers and I was slightly traumatized by the thought of using them. On the other hand, they do offer an affordable, weight conscious forward thinking option.

So I ordered 'tile' for the backsplash area in the kitchen area from They apparently aren't selling the tiles any longer, but I bet you can find some online at the places you like to shop.

I found the faux painted Shiplap vinyl paper at They had lots to choose from online, which remember, is/was very important as we distanced ourselves. I ordered 2 rolls in, which in theory, would be "MORE" than enough. Good thing I did. As you move across a wall, lining up the printed area takes more paper, if you want it to look like it goes together. I found that important for me. I haven't done much wallpapering, so calculating how much I needed was a new 'trick' in my arsenal of tools, tips, tricks. Got it now!

Backsplash tiles installed around a window, or anything for that matter, takes patience, a sharp knife, good lighting and...more patience. I only had a small area and although I can see the tile edges I know in 'real' life this stove, the curtains, the extra things that will be in use, they won't stand out. AND they haven't. Don't freak out over every little detail.

YOU ARE working HARD and you are CREATING your own space. Focus on your achievements and not the undesirable details no one will notice but you. "Perfectly imperfect" has become a saving mantra. Anyone who points out the flaws aren't your friends and you friends will love you for your flaws. *truth bomb* Keep moving on...I've got more.

The interior walls, like most RV or trailer walls were a faux wallpaper, with some light texture. I filled any holes from the screws I had removed with a wall spackling. After it dried I lightly sanded. I applied 2 coats of XIM UMA wall primer. This primer was highly recommended to me by a friend, who has painted LOTS of kitchen cabinets and knows her stuff on how to prevent bleed through. I had no idea what had spilled or been applied to the walls before I purchased Whimsy. My history of painting furniture has taught me a couple of lessons-to the upfront prep work instead of the 'after' clean up a mess work. Solid advice! After filling the holes, 2 coats of primer, which was tinted white, I then applied the wall paper. Wall paper was the last thing I did. The entire trailer, walls and ceiling, had been painted before I did the wall paper area. I didn't want dripping paint on the paper, if you've done any painting, you know that drips and splatters happen even when we are extra careful. Guaranteed! #truthbomb

The nice thing about this peel & stick paper is that it is moveable. I would apply, pull it up to get out the bubbles and re stick it down. It worked!

My best advice...grab a friend and take your time. Keep coming back..I've got more!

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