Out with the "Space Takers": Dining and Bedroom

When I initially walked into this trailer I took immediate notes of certain things~

*Did it smell?

*Was there water damage on the ceiling? along the walls? in the corners?

*What items "had" to go and what could I live with?

*HAD TO GO--> the dining bench and table! Why? That configuration took up so much space in the high traffic area between the bed, kitchen and bathroom. If you've been in a 22' trailer you know that it's not a luxury space hog. Each and every inch needs to be planned and thought about on how to maximize it for style, purpose and common use.

*HAD TO GO--> the curtain between the dining area and the bedroom area. Come on, it's a 1 bed 22' trailer. The curtain would never get shut, especially if I removed the kitchen area and reconfigured that space without a dedicated sleeping area.

The 2 major areas that were up for restyle were the bedroom/bed location and the dining area. I was all up for finding a fold-down kitchen table with a couple of padded stools. But my 'engineer' Ron, stepped in and stated he wanted time to think about what he could come up with for a dining table.

After I removed the awful glued down carpet from the wheel well covering...it was game on for him. He designed a sturdy pocket storage area, fitted with storage boxes that slide right in on the shelves. There was some concern over being able to find the 'perfect' fitting storage boxes, but we did it!

A 'box' of sorts was manufactured and attached to the wall. I painted it the same color as the base cabinets. We added a stained top, some hinges and it has become a great storage area PLUS it holds the table when it is travelling time! Here, let me show you.

As I was getting close to getting the trailer done (on the inside) I shot this video showing how far it had come. The end of this video will show you the 4'x 6' table, legs folded behind it, hinges attached to the side of it, with the 'flaps' of the hinges slid into a bracket mounted on the cabinet. All that is needed, in order to use it, is to pull it up & open the legs. It can be used as is for inside use, or carried outside for a table outside. It made great sense~hats off to RON for his ability to see a problem and offer a solution. This idea never crossed my mind!

Next blog~ Where did the storage area under the original bed go to? What happened to the dysfunctional bedside tables? Come back to read the next STEP!


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