Out With the Old... the Easy Part!

Getting everything unbolted, in small areas, under dark cabinets, under places you really had no idea what was lurking, well that was the EASIEST part. I learned to love a head lamp, a charged battery on a quality drill and a rotating FAN. I also grew accustomed to sweat. It helped to fortify my thoughts as 2020 was growing dimmer and dimmer. I wasn't going to let no pandemic get in my way ~ and I had lots of time to THINK, PLAN and listen to music.

The most disgusting part of the unpacking of the inside of the trailer was pulling up the carpet that was covering the raised wheel well. Under the benches and dining table was a small area of carpet and it was DISGUSTING> I can't even imagine what was festering in 13 year old carpet...so OUT it went.

My plan was to paint walls, cabinets, replace kitchen & bathroom countertops, replace faucets for both areas, replace flooring, new window shades and a curtain rod & curtains replacing the padded box over them. Taking out the window boxes is no easy thing. The screws were hidden, hard to locate making it tricky and frustrating.

What I didn't know when I hatched this plan was that there were A LOT of people doing the same thing I was~so ordering in replacement parts became a 4-6 week focus. Money~always a consideration in doing any type of remodel was a weighing factor. Weight, size, space of replacement items all became factors. My dream of butcher block on the countertops was dismissed after 2 things became apparent~ the extra weight added and the $$ it would cost. So I researched painting techniques and products. I found a product that basically offered a faux butcher block look, but it was no longer being made. Having been a furniture painter, working with all sorts of products, I thought I'd give it a go on my own. The counter tops that you see in the restyle photos are my version of a butcher block, using the laminate that I removed. After using the trailer for about 15 days so far, the paints are holding up! 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint, using a car wash brush to give it some texture. I applied painter tape across the tops, to form wood sections ~ and then my furniture painting experience came back to help me. I used several colors of gel stains and glazes to form an inconsistent, consistent look. It works for me. It's not the 'real' deal, but knowing that I DID THIS and how much weight and money I saved gives me a smile.

Keep scrolling~ next post will be about the 'extra' things I chose to use to give "Whimsy" an updated, modern look.

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