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Meade KS to Las Vegas NM Jan. 2022

The wind was blowing like it was angry and not too far outside of Meade the snow started blowing. It made for a bit of concern, no one likes to think about an icy road, but the roads I chose held little traffic, so i soon put LVNM on my radar. Vegas Baby!

I had booked a room at the Plaza Hotel, along the town square. I didn’t arrive until about 7PM, later than I wanted. Which is why i leave on time…ugh. I did enjoy my friends though- can’t blame me for wanting to see people before I set out on a solo trip-right? 😃 I digress.

I’ll let the photos tell you about how grand of a hotel it is. Beautiful GRAND staircases and hallways with plank wood floors that squeaked at just the right sound. I didn’t peruse through all 3 floors, as they were asking for CV19 protocols, but I snapped a couple of the 3rd floor photos looking up. Byron T, a previous owner, is said to like room 310- directly over the room I stayed in 🧐

The bartender, Zeke (Ezekiel) was super friendly, on task and attentive to detail I’d send anyone there just because it’s been so long since I’ve had someone serve me with such a high degree of manners and charm. He is well versed in the hotel history, area activities and suggestions on things you might want to try, a walking visitor center for Las Vegas! His community should be proud of how he represents them. Go see him at Byron T’s saloon inside the Plaza Hotel.

He is the one that told me about the hot mineral springs 8 miles up the road in Montezuma NM.

At 6:45 Thursday morning I was driving down the road to find the hot springs I’m so thrilled I put forth the effort! A delightful roadtrip “vortex”, they are real! I wandered in and met a woman who teaches at the local prep school: United World College, with 220 students who are selected via a configuration of grades and personal fit. She attended there in her youth, returning 5 years ago to teach. Its major building on campus is a former CASTLE! Turrets and everythjng. The porches appeared to be expansive. The campus is closed to visitors, due to CV, so no up close photos. 😒

Apparently. the school has a major donor who is committed to their vision and scholarships are given to each one. (ck that-it may be for US students only, but definitely was noteworthy) There are a number of these schools all over the world. Talk about diversity of cultures and potential impact on society We need MORE mixing cultures together and LESS homogeneous education. Real learning comes from cross sections of cultures learning together. She has a natural draw to adventure and the 2 of us had a fantastic “hot spring“ convo until she needed to leave to teach a class Hello Rachel! Very nice meeting you!

i left Las Vegas around 10 am and hit the road heading south to Santa Fe.



Let’s keep moving down highway, shall we?

I am headed towards Gila NF for a remote cabin in the woods. Join me.


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