Love is in the air....

After a year + of planning, my oldest son is married! Yay!

What a year it has been. Both of my sons were engaged within 2 weeks of each other August 2020. One chose to get married last November, hoping to get a larger wedding in 2021. The older one chose to have his wedding September 2021, thinking we might be through the CV19 thing. Look at how that all has worked out. So far...fingers crossed and sage lit, we are all healthy. Babies and weddings--that is what 2021 has brought to me. Nothing but love, which also includes anxiety over wanting everything to go safely and smoothly.

Well--I made a video for the 2nd wedding-- as I have taken video editing and YouTube classes this spring. I haven't travelled or 'adventured' as much as I thought I would, so my adventure spirit takes to Kansas City, Union Station to be specific and watching the wedding event go down.

I'm sharing the video I made and shared for the Rehearsal Dinner...then took out the copy right music, added free music, more photos a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Here is the video I have done.

I'm learning how to use Canva as my thumbnail producer for the beginning of my videos. There are so many ways to create using that app! I'm definitely a newbie, hoping that I can expand my tech skills. I just want to encourage all of you to try new

things~ even tech things. I truly have benefited from taking a YouTube training course by Sean Cannell. If you are interested in learning more about YouTube and would like to invest in yourself here is a link I can share:

I'm planning for a somewhat challenging fall and winter, in terms of being around people and this video editing hobby has allowed me to keep my brain up, running, focusing and finding that special self-confidence in producing things. Anyway, I thought I'd share.


Final thoughts for the day~ Gabby Petito~

May she find peace. Gabby, so young, so full of life and yet ended tragically too soon.

Your adventurous spirit, your sweet smile, your determination to forge a way into the travel/adventure world will NOT stop with your death. You've allowed many others to realize that ADVENTURE IS A WAY OF THINKING, DOING & BEING.

Rest in Peace sweet young lady.

Until next time~ be kind to each other.


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