It Began in 2020... But When Will It END?

Hello Friends!

Twenty-twenty began so ordinary, so mundane, so perfectly blah that I was shocked by how our world got socked in the face by COVID19. No need to rehash, to rethink, to wish for changes, what if's or turn arounds. RIGHT? I have to be honest, it took me several months for me to feel comfortable in leaving my home and venturing on an extended road trip. I'd leave and venture out for 'day' trips to visit nearby lakes, nature walks or local outdoor historical places. It wasn't until JULY 2020 that I took a long distance adventure -- all the way to Nathrop, Colorado.

~A couple of fun facts about me~

*I love to drive to new places, turn up my music, podcast or sit in silence by myself. It replenishes my soul.

*I love to throw in some history, architectural & overlook vistas. Why not make it interesting?

July 2020 I coordinated a trip with my friend Kim, from Tulsa. We met at a quaint cabin at the base of the Chalk Cliffs in Colorado.

Let's just say, that was the BEGINNING of formulating my Whimsy Wonderings.

Follow along as I tell the story from that roadtrip beginning, to this website blog YT video production and 'all that goes with it to today ~ February 6, 2021.

Please leave me a comment or two as we travel along on this whimsical adventure trail. What shall we discover? What shall we learn? What will provide fuel to our souls? What new friends will we meet? What in tarnation kind of technology will we conquer?

IDK for sure, but if life has proved anything to me, it is that you can make lemonade from lemons!

Nice to meet you!

~WHIMSY~ aka, Karen


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