hot tea + a kitchen towel = curtains!

You can't make curtains much cheaper nor without less equipment than this!

I do have to add in here~I used to own a DIY style shop, where I painted furniture, taught DIY classes, used power tools to build, remodel and dismantle things. I also had 'awesome' inventory for items used in creating home decor. Not only did I have paint, glazes, mediums, stencils, transfers, foils, painting tools, paper transfers and stamps! I didn't use the stamps very often because I sold my business just as I was getting into them. So my carry over inventory is extensive and I wish I could just play in creating all day. The act of creating 'things' takes my mind to another place where I don't have time to worry or obsess over anything except what colors or products I want to use.

Creating allows me to put away all my fears and just 'play'. So in this camper, when it came time to make a decision about window coverings I was to the point of "I've spent enough $, how can I avoid spending more?" Don't forget that during this pandemic, the quick shopping jaunt to find ideas became, what is available in a local store that I can drive to and pick up? Searching has been kicked up a notch or two while sitting on my sofa or at my dining room table.

*Cotton kitchen towels @Target 4 towels for $4 I picked up 12, so I spent $12. They were a bright white, a little too white. I opted to try heating a large pan of water, putting in 3-5 large tea bags, boil, remove. Then I placed 4 towels at a time into the tea 'broth'. I let them soak for about 5 minutes~not very long because I didn't want them real dark.

I rinsed them with cold water, ran them in the washer using cold water as well. I allowed them to dry outside, no dryer heat because with cotton, it will shrink.

I ironed them, then individually I used a large stamp made by IOD. The name is: Cubano Field Tile Stamp by Iron Orchid Designs 12 x 12

Some people use this stamp as 4 units, by cutting it apart. You can see examples of people using it on tiles for their own personalization during a remodel job. I thought it would provide me with a large focal point.

I'm a perfectly imperfect human. I try not to get too caught up in creating 'perfection', instead I accept the FACTS that art isn't about total perfection, it is about the journey of creating; what you learn, how elements work with each other (or don't), how we interpret what we create and how it makes us feel. Emotions are part of who I am. Creating allows me to accept them, embrace them, give them a place to 'hang' and then I can move forward with other areas of my life. These curtains cost me about $20~ for 12 of them. Their dye tones are different, the stamps 'perfection' is unique and I love it all.

Behind the cotton curtains are blackout, pull down shades that I purchased at Home Depot. The pull down and slide right back up. Camping out doesn't mean you MUST wake up when the sun comes up~sometimes it means you wake up when your body says "embrace the day". Pick the areas that are important to YOU and make the changes in your TT, RV, Class A, B, C and find your happy spot!


*Application tools

*Mark the middle of the towel, using tape markers

*Apply the ink to the stamp

*Push stamp onto fabric, avoid moving once it hits the fabric

*Gently pull STRAIGHT up, wipe off stamp

*Lay the newly stamped towel to a flat area and allow to dry for 24-48 hours

~~ENJOY the fruits of your labor~~


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