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Updated: Dec 26, 2021


I'm back with my thoughts on how to plan and pack for an outdoor hiking event ~ even if you think it is 'just a short and sweet" trip. Let's have a discussion about what to put into your backpack for a 'basic' afternoon hike~

First things first~ you never know when something is going to happen. You don't know when you're going to need:

a whistle for alert capabilities

a first aid kit for anything from a blister to a snake bite ~ to a sprained ankle

a knife for all sorts of reasons t

water, a bladder vs bottles, have that conversation with yourself and others

snacks~high energy for longer hikes. Fruits, nuts, protein, dehydrated if you need for longer hikes

hat (seasonal clothing items)

hiking poles or a stick

Now, if you're going out during a rainy season, a snowy season--cold or warm, plan ahead for items that you will need.


dry towel

dry socks

hat AND all the basic hiking things listed above

warmers to insert into gloves, boots, hats

Hot weather requires energy replenishing items:

hydration with electrolytes

high calorie-intense food

Review what some of the hiking/outdoor shops sell, and why they promote them is part of the process. Do your homework. Ask others what they use and why. You don't have to reinvent the wheel here, but you do have to acknowledge it.


BASIC beginnings. As you advance in the length of your hikes, their difficulty, the terrain your list changes. Whatever kind of hike you're going on, it requires you to engage yourself.

If you enjoy having a "D" level hike, do no planning or preparation.

If you enjoy an "A" level hike, I know you'll want to have thought out different scenarios and have the right tools.

"Prior Planning + Preparation = Overall performance"



Accessory equipment~ such as photo props, selfie sticks~

Follow along on my next post about a hiking trip to Eureka Springs, AR area with a group of ladies. Lots of things to learn!

There are lots of topics to explore when it comes to being outside. Let's keep the conversation going!



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