Hiking GEAR~ Poles and Gaiters

I'm beginning to get my fall, winter, spring hiking gear gathered for the upcoming (and I think best outdoor time frame Sept-May) hiking season. You can literally hike all year around if you have the right gear, plan on weather, choose locations with your goals in mind.


Hiking poles~ do you use them? I am a resounding YES to that question?

Why do I like hiking poles~ because I'm 60 years old and don't have time for an injury. Seriously, who has time for a turned ankle? broken arm? That might sound a little fatalistic, but I think if you plan for the worst, then you can cover your bases. The worst for me, during hiking season is the inability to hike. I have an inexpensive set of poles that I purchased off of reviews from a 'big box store' a year and a half ago. They don't fold down into a size that can fit into my suitcase. They've worked fine, no spring loaded tips to help cushion the rough stops. When I planned for the Grand Canyon trip they wouldn't fit into my suitcase.

I also didn't have a ton of time to find another pair. I went to the closest outdoor adventure shop in Lawrence, KS Sunflower Outdoor helped me choose a different set of poles. Leki is the brand. I'm not seeing them listed on their website now, so call before you go there. You might also check with another small business, outdoor/adventure shop: Dirty Girls Adventures located in Topeka, KS


Technical information from the LEKI website about the poles, with reasons why poles are a good idea:

Legacy Lite Cor-Tec AS Trekking Pole Providing an ideal balance of lightweight efficiency and stabilization, the Leki Legacy DSS Trekking Poles is a trusty companion for long-distance hikes across rugged terrain. Its most notable feature, the Dynamic Suspension System (DSS) absorbs jarring impacts when you're walking downhill and traversing across rugged terrain. This shock-absorbing mechanism conserves energy for hiking longer without succumbing to fatiguing vibration and knee-buckling downhills. The Legacy DSS collapses down for easy attachment to your pack, lending convenience when rugged terrain gives way to a flat, even grade. Aluminum construction maintains strength without adding much weight to your hiking and backpacking set-up. The Aergon grip maintains ergonomic control, regardless if you're holding the entire grip or palming the topside. Included trekking baskets lend three-season versatility.

  • Shock-absorption and stability on the trail

  • Dynamic Suspension absorbs fatiguing impact

  • Aluminum construction for lightweight strength

  • SpeedLock 2 locks securely without slipping

  • Adjusts from 100 to 135 centimeters

  • Aergon grip for ergonomic control

  • Trekking basket for stability

My pole use has kept me from doing a faceplant while trekking over a rocky area near an area lake. I like the fact that it keeps my arms moving, increasing strength and calorie burn. I feel much more at ease, sure of my footing, focused during my hikes with my poles because you do have to look at where you use place them. They saved me during the big steps up BIG boulders in the Grand Canyon. I was able to use them to propel my feet up and over.

Hiking shoe and boot GAITERS

The 2nd product that I'm going to discuss today is the use of hiking shoe/boot gaiters. I am ordering in 2 sets from a company called Dirty Girl Gaiters.


I will do a follow up to them once I get them and try them out. Two ladies had them on during the Grand Canyon trip, one of them, a fellow blogger and adventure travel guru who writes this blog:


used gaiters and shared her experience using gaiters during her hikes. Why would you consider using them? To keep the rocks out of your shoes. Rocks, gravel, sand, dirt are all things no one wants to stop on the side of a trail to clean out of a boot, shoe or sandal. I'm going to try them. I'll let you know my thoughts!

I'm headed out for a travel trailer excursion soon. It won't be a long trip, but it is a TRIP! Woot-Woot! I'm headed to mid-central Indiana to visit Ron's son and DIL. We will be camping around the Wabash River (area). I'm hoping we can fit in a canoe or kayak trip. Purdue football game possibly as well. The college area around in LaFayette has a good vibe and of course seeing new areas is always a good time!

Be safe out there~ get an outdoor adventure on your calendar. Go hike the areas around YOU, nothing like a close in day outing to discover new things, clear your mind, get some stress & anxiety out. Don't forget to be kind!


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