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HELLO 2022~let's resolve to LIVE through whatever you bring.

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

As much as I'd LOVE to say I write down my year resolutions with bullet point steps to help me reach them...I don't. I'm not that structured, committed, check mark off kind of person. (I mean come on, I call myself Whimsy Wondering-I follow the shiny objects, the things that I follow INSTEAD of what is on a list)

I do like to spend some time in review of the previous year, make mental notes on what seemed to work and what I'd like to improve. Living through a pandemic sure has created opportunity for self-exploration, reflection, excelerated my bucket list check offs. It is hard to meet people during a pandemic.

There I said it.

I have found meeting "my tribe" to be exceptionally challenging. Full stop. Lots of ideas of why that is my truth, but in the end, what I do to maneuver around that is my decision and I guess I'm best at just keep moving forward. Seems perfectly sensible to me.

I'm going to be real here~knowing that the people who might gain the most from this website/blog are those who are living alone. I imagine most of you are women, probably over the age of 50. Many of you are living life as a single, either because you are alone~or because you and your significant are living separate lives. If you haven't yet clicked off of this post, then we are most likely on the same page. I lived a good portion of 2021 trying to get through it~getting to the next 'great' moment, keeping a brave front and always hopeful for changes. Making it safely to the next wedding, the next baby arrival & first meeting, the next 'big' event, a trip, a birthday, a holiday. I will always mark 2021 as the year of MAKING it the next big thing safely. I enjoyed every single one of them, they were worth all of the precautions I took. I have no regrets. I do however have to share it came with a price. What was that price~? A huge weight of worry shrouded itself around my shoulders and refused to leave. Once all the 'fun' things were done the weight didn't leave, it stayed. It mired me down. I lost my energy. I lost myself. In the process I lost touch with what I needed, what I wanted, who I was at 60. I'm in the process of figuring it all out~seems to be an ever constant in my life. I'm not about sweeping issues under a rug, because that only creates MORE issues.

I'm sure some of the weight came due to the mile marker 60. If you aren't taking those milestones seriously, I'd suggest you reevaluate yourself. I'm needing to slow down and reconfigure. In the process of this understanding my relationship with dear friend Ron started to separate~we grew apart. We have agreed to take time away, knowing we may never reconnect within a relationship~but remain solid friends. I'll let that be where it is. I'll keep moving forward.


What happens now? Well I'm throwing myself into an adventure! I'm going to test myself by taking the longest trip I have EVER done. This trip has taken some planning, yet allowing things to 'manifest' themselves. I'm headed to New Mexico. My first 'official' stop will be Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, NM. The great artist, Georgia O'Keefe, called it her home.

It will bring up memories of painting trips that my mother & friends took to do plein art along the area. I hope it will inspire a stillness and acceptance within me that I can tell is needing some readjusting. I will be volunteering there for 5 days. It is part of their Service Corps program. From there I will head south/southwest and locate a remote, primitive cabin an acquaintance has offered. It is situated in the Gila National Forest range~up some gravel roads, so it will test my driving skills. I'll have heat if I take firewood and feed the wood burning stove. I'm planning on taking hikes, drives, discovery missions all over that area. It is well known for its hot mineral springs. I hope I can test myself to do some hiking to a remote hot spring, down and back. Wouldn't that be a day? Then head back to the cabin to relax in front of a wood burning, write, be thankful.

Following that will be a drive north to near Taos, where I've been asked to stay at a home and watch 2 fluffy dogs~at their home. Taos and Santa Fe are within striking range, so I plan on discovering some art galleries, museums, food, music, hikes if weather holds. I kind of know Taos, having been there several times within the past 5 years. It is becoming familiar to me and a place that I've found some comfort in re-visiting. I haven't been to Santa Fe in a LONG time, say, 40 + years. I'm sure it has changed. Through all of this will be a challenge of doing it solo~which can be daunting at times. One can lose confidence, feel vulnerable, alone, scared of the unknown. What I have found to be encouraging during these times, is to focus on knowing it will all work out, even if it doesn't work out like you planned, hoped or assumed. The lessons you need will be taught, the life interactions will come and go, it is up to you to decide if you allow them in or you walk away. Do you trust your inner self to make good decisions? Do you sharpen your skills on living an authentic life? Do you allow the 'fears' of trouble, of happenstance or unfortunate luck to sideline you? Let me tell you a little secret that I've learned over and over in my life~ life doesn't wait until you're ready to accept it. It drops the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the sad at your feet at any given moment, on any given day. Proven fact.

I'm not going to live my life scared because accidents happen, people fall over after running 6 miles, heart valves give is the day that I live BECAUSE I can. I choose to face it all and go on an ADVENTURE. Here comes 2022. There I go--->

What are YOU doing in 2022 that makes you sit up, make a plan, get a little nervous energy going and REACH within yourself to find a new version of you? Maybe you didn't even know it existed, because you never fed it. Keep searching for the next best for yourself. Test yourself. Educate yourself. Try new things. Keep a budget AND then go & do. Challenge yourself without driving a long ways~stay within a 2 hour radius of your home if you're worried, build up confidence, the point is to break through whatever is holding you down. It will all work out.

  • Volunteer @ Ghost Ranch

  • Explore Abiquiu

  • Explore Truth & Consequences

  • Explore Silver City

  • Explore Gila National Forest

  • Explore Mogollon Ghost Town

  • Explore Gila Cliff Dwellings

  • Stop at area hot mineral springs

  • Santa Fe, perhaps Ojo Santa Fe Spa

  • Taos; museums, galleries, food!

  • Angel Fire, meet up with a group of Girl Campers, several I met while on the Grand Canyon trip.

  • HOME

I'll be taking photos and notes to share in upcoming posts. Cheers to 2022~which by CV-19 standards is already not a great one. I'm going to fight like hell to make 2022 a year to call my own. A year that I put off for 2 years~wish me happy moments, challenging moments, serene soul searching moments and always blanketed with kindness and compassion for my fellow man. This year my mantra begins like this:

Personal responsibility,

Find yours.

Talk soon~


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