Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a funky, creative, vibrant little town located in the north central part of Arkansas. It is south of Table Rock Lake, east of Beaver Lake, in the hills of the Ozarks. A beautiful time to visit is ANYTIME!! I've been there mid summer, fall and spring. I'm hoping I can get back there during the holiday season to see their festive decorations~as they were being put up during the week I was there November 2021.

Let's break this trip down~see what you can find in the area and make your own plans to visit.

First, you start with a friend who understands what is needed~ hats, games and an emergency stop at Tuesday Morning~which have been removed from your towns. We were driving through a portion of KC and both of our necks turned around as we passed a TM!~Wait, what?? What did we do? We turned around and made our way through the store! OF course we did.

We made a drive through Eureka Springs as Steph hadn't yet been there and we ended up at the balcony bar, floor #4 of the Crescent Hotel & Spa, where we each had a flight of 4 different beers. Time to get my palate engaged and educated on styles of beers. I've kind of given up on finding places with wine~I know it's a snob thing to say~but I enjoy wine from established wine regions of this country and other countries. I can't find a solid wine tasting restaurant/bar in Lawrence. Some place where I can say "Let's meet for wine"'s a beer drinking town, so they are pulling me into their fold. If YOU drink wine and want a wine-drinking buddy, lmk! My favorite beer from the above choices was the Porter, which was a surprise to me. I enjoyed it very much. I didn't miss the 'hoppy' flavor I get in so many IPA's.

First full day~we headed out for a hike!

Located about 20 minutes south of Eureka Springs, we hiked the Tea Kettle Falls trail. Only a little stream this time of year, but we could see where it could hold much more water with spring rains. It was not highly used the day we were there, but it also wasn't an easy trail to follow. Trail markers were there, but the trail wasn't~if that makes sense. It was an up, down, all around kind of trail that left us 'dewy' and taking our extra layer off. We got a good work out in~and the beauty was so fulfilling. Although we missed the 'peak' colors, the muted ones were pretty too! We saw a variety of fungus growing along the dead trees. We didn't see much wildlife though. There were hunters in the area, so that might have kept things down~it made us a little jumpy. We had a hunter tell us we weren't supposed to be there, but no posted information on that. A bright orange hat might be a good idea for hunting areas.

We spent the following day having a 'self-care' day that involved facials, massages and things. Always a great idea if you can find one that has good personnel. Read reviews! Some of you may think that having a massage is a waste~but I can attest that after not having one for an extended period of time (over 18 months) that my massage was one of the best things I have done for myself. It confirmed that I get knots in my back and neck which make my body not want to stand, sit, exercise in good body alignment. Take the time!

Next post I take you to Lake Leatherwood, hiking and paddle boating! Stay tuned, lots of photos of beautiful sights.

Keep Adventuring friends~


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