Days 6, 7, 8...Grand Canyon ADVENTURE

The best part of seeing the Grand Canyon by boat is the fact that you get to see the Colorado River up close and personal. I've been around water all my life; boating, skiing, swimming, fishing, wading...rivers, lakes, streams, all the sources. My dad would get us up early (family of 6), hitch up our 14' open bow boat and travel to an area lake. Before that era we would travel in our station wagon and hit the roads, going places all over this country. Mostly we would travel west: Colorado or Wyoming, you know you can pack 4 kids in a wagon, pulling a pop-up trailer for only so many hours/days/weeks. Bless my parents for getting us OUT and helping instill in me a sense of nature, outdoors and adventure.

A slideshow sharing some of the 500+ photo and videos I took while on this trip.

4 videos (8-15min) are now on my YouTube channel: Whimsy Wondering

Doing new things, outside of your comfort zone, stretches you as a person. During this time of our 'great pause' in life, I encourage each of you to look for ways to step out of your box. Maybe you explore an art medium, write a blog, travel on a road trip! Start with day trips, stopping at historical markers, trails, explore place you've never been to before within your county. Advance to a spot, or two in your state. Maybe you select a theme: breweries, wineries, churches, ghost towns, Civil War historical markers. Pick one or two, set a plan into motion and get moving! This is the time in our lives that requires us to try new adventures~it IS the answer to social distancing.

If you own a travel trailer, or plan on purchasing a used one, check out my videos on how I restyled my 2007 Gulfstream TT last summer (2020)~also on my YT channel.

Follow along as I share my road trip adventures, life adventures~ grandbabies, weddings and small business shout outs.

Next few blog posts will be about kayaking down the KAW River with the Dirty Girl Adventure group out of Topeka KS~for a 20 mile jaunt called the "Asskicker" and it was a great day to get kicked in the ass! 20 miles is not for the faint of heart, the timid, the punctual, the OCD person~it was for allowing yourself to be on the river for an entire day. Sit back, relax, paddle and enjoy the people, the river, the 'space' you've just given yourself.

After that blog will be one on OHV, down dirt roads in central Colorado, the Pike National Forest. Man~that was some beautiful, remote scenery only noted from a vehicle that can get you over, through and around some boulders, creek overflows, up some terrain~perfect challenge for my Toyota 4Runner. New to me, a 2019, vehicle that was just the ticket I needed to give me confidence on building my NEXT Adventure!! Where? I'm headed north!! Stay tuned!

Until next time~

Karen (Go outside and find some adventure)

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