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Day 1: Lawrence KS to Meade KS. Dalton Gang Hideaway

I did 2 things that I’d encourage every traveler NOT to do- finish packing the morning you leave and leave later than you expect. I’d also say- might be a good to not agree to meet friends for beer and then for wine the night before you leave. But that’s ridiculous - fun comes first. i finally got on the highway around 8:45. I wanted to be gone by 7:30. oh well. I haven’t hit the east side of Wichita in maybe 3 years. They now have highway 54 totally connected with the turnpike. That was fun. Highway 54 all the way to Meade. I stopped there when I saw the “Dalton Gang Hideway” sign. I also needed a break from the driving- the wind was brutal! I took a few photos of the outside buildings, then went inside and proceeded to meet Mark. Mark has lots of history in organizing, running, keeping small museums going. He previously worked at the Boot-hill Museum. He also loves cowboys, western, old time topics. He knew all about the Dalton Gang. They were ruffians that robbed banks, stage coaches, you know just bad dudes. He reminded me of where they were actually killed, in Coffeyville KS- not anywhere close to Meade. Those guys got around! Three stories of artifacts and an interesting replica tunnel that led from a barn to a house (tunnel was discovered after the Dalton family connection had sold it, and no concrete proof they used it- but highly suggested it was used in getaways). Who has a tunnel from your house to your barn? That was a fun stop- quite a bit of western wear, horse tack, taxidermy and many other collections are above main museum. Well worth the $5!


Next post takes me from Meade to Las Vegas NM. Let’s GOAdventure!


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