Coolers that don't EAT ice...

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


I used the 2 coolers out for a long weekend. I had frozen some ice in a couple of gallon containers and placed food around them. We traveled to Indiana, during a relatively warm period in September. the hard sided cooler did really well in keeping things cold the entire 5 days. We never bought any ice for it. The soft sided cooler kept things cool for about 24 hours, then needed added ice. Good to know! Plan accordingly~ pack drinks and non perishable items in the soft sided one, with the hard sided one saved for meal prep. Freeze your portions ahead of time.

I am a pretty patient person. So patient in fact that I've kept my rolling wheeled, fold down top cooler in use as I saw newer, highly touted coolers coming of age~ for what? 15 years! According to the website of one of the well-known hard sided, super insulated, great for remote outdoor adventures, they've were founded in 2006! I just kept ignoring them because:

1. they cost a lot

2. they are heavy

3. didn't see a personal need

Well hello, welcome to 2021 when I now realize that stopping for ice (and paying $7 for a 20# bag in western kansas) was just insane, only to have to do it again the next day. Time to re-think, revamp, update and search out new equipment.

Let the Cooler Intro BEGIN! RTIC Coolers~ hard side and soft side. 2 different coolers that I will soon begin to use as I travel, take with me to different events and USE.

I'm not a professional cooler reviewer~ just sayin'~ so what I'm sharing is based off of my experience using coolers for YEARS. I've never spent a lot of money on a cooler, I mean what is the point, I take it to the lake, I put it on the porch, I add ice on a regular basis~thinking about ice at every stop. Coolers and keeping your drinks, food and whatever else YOU choose to put into a cooler are a constant when travelling. How many times you open them, if you get them fully shut, how cold you need to keep the items inside are all factors when I use a cooler. Without further waiting~ what cooler brand did I research for over a year? And what were the factors that made me hit the 'buy' button?

Here is my latest video~ makes it easy on those of you that might be in the market for a cooler. Maybe you don't even know you need a cooler. How many times do you hear yourself say? I need a different cooler? You know, after owning my coolers for at least 5 years...I say it is TIME!

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