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Catching a dream in Silver City NM—spotlight on COLOR

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Hello & welcome to my new subscribers! I am Karen and I’m a little whimsy on what I enjoy. I enjoy art, history, mysteries, road-trips, hiking down slot canyons, driving into the unknown, colorful happy people, places and things. Live is short- go adventure every day. Take the stairs, drive around your state, your city- explore as if you’re seeing your city for the first time. You don’t have to go far, but begin to think and plan about when you want to go far. i started making dreams of road-trips years ago. Slowly they’ve developed and are still developing. I’ve identified certain aspects that I always search for when I begin planning: ghost towns, art districts, coffee shops, secluded cabins I have a romantic view of cabins in the woods, next to a creek, lake, mountain- a fireplace, some books, solitude, peace, slowing life down. Less is more to me. I don’t need more things, I need more time to think and enjoy my time. So, that’s part of my story.

Get ON with living!
Life is short

The other side of my story is that I hope I can inspire ONE of you to ramp up your life to the next level. Whatever level that is- get on with it. My life reset itself in 2015- after a 30 year marriage ended. You will be ok. It won’t always be easy. Some days will be long, hard and even the saddest days you’ve ever experienced. Believe in yourself. Trust the process, even if it is one hour at a time. Slowly build new dreams, new goals, new horizons. The pain brings you new opportunities- grab one of those, even if you don’t know where it will take you. You! Get to choose your path now. You don’t need to have all the answers- but you do need to give yourself grace and allow options to show up. Be kind to yourself. Stay away from those that lack empathy- and they’re out there. It costs nothing to be nice, so when you meet the ones who judge you and not know you- walk the other way. Watch your self talk like a hawk. Shut down that negative shit. Learn to love YOURSELF, all the flaws, gray hairs, crepe skin— it will bring you an unending supply of personal power and energy.

Enough of the pep talk for today. Let’s look at Silver City, New Mexico. They say the population is around 10K- but I’m betting with all the homes in the hills that surround the city, the population is larger. Feels larger. The number of big box stores I’ve seen, seem to indicate it’s a social and economic hub. I can tell it has a large heart- the arts district was vibrant, welcoming, clean and business owners care about repping the area. My photos were taken early Sunday am, but I visited a brewery on Saturday- parking was full all over the area.


Silver City Arts District on a Sunday morning:


The Tranquilbuzz Coffee shop is a MUST stop for any and all. Its vibe is definitely tranquil. The honey latte I had was delicious. Don’t forget to try their quiche- the green hatch was awesome! I might just need to try another piece before I head outta here. No photos- ate it before I thought about it 😉.

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