Camping with ART

I enjoy creating, using the tools that I have purchased over the years is STILL a passion for me. I've put the creative side away this past year, focused instead on re-doing my travel trailer. Once you've invested in a trailer, you then begin to focus on all the beautiful places that you've never seen. I've watched countless YouTube videos on wonderful, beautiful and scenic locations in the USA. The amount of travel information available is incredible~the apps that help you plan is too!

I took my vision of camping in a trailer and merged it with the tools I have to create a couple of unique trailer signs~unique because they're one-of-a-kind! As I prepare for the upcoming SALE~ a little bit of creativity & a little bit of vintage will be included~ keep in mind that once these are gone, they are gone.

A 2 part sign, with a wire hanger. It measures from the top of the 'happy camper' sign to the bottom of the main landscape 21" and is 17" wide. Photos

show measurements.

And here is the 2nd one in this series:

Imagine looking through a lens to a campground and you SPOT this cool camper with tents, wildflowers, mountains, trees and a beautiful sky....There a little WHIMSICAL look into what camping could become! Measurements are listed below, with the shorter one being without the "Oh what fun!" topper.

Happy Camper!!

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