I was challenged to create a 2 minute video on a "How To" topic~so I created one on what you should consider BEFORE YOU BEGIN the process.

Time, power tools, charged batteries, room to spread out what you're removing and what you are bringing in. Removing things requires a charged power drill and the ability to get into tight spaces. Consider having the drill bit extenders to reach corners, like those found under the counter or the back of cabinets. Keeping track of your hardware, the screws, the parts and pieces will make 'reloading' and 're-building' so much easier. Who wants to hunt for a lost item when you're done with paint~ you just want to get it all back together~no one wants to hunt for missing parts.

Getting started comes with a



*research or knowledge on painting tips

*knowledge about what is important for travel trailers; weight and size

*cost of items!

*replacement time for things you may need to purchase (sometimes I was told up to 8 weeks)

*everything in a TT is smaller than a regular sized unit. Just KNOW that.

*get to know your local RV/TT dealer parts department

*have all of your RV/TT info handy so it is easy to reference when ordering parts

*tires don't necessarily go by MILES, but by DATE

*clean everything when you get your RV/TT, especially after you remove the drawers and doors

*ask for help!

*prime everything to seal down any odors, stains, leftovers (especially if you have a used trailer)

*think outside of the box when you think about dining and bedroom areas

Pass this video along~

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