Antique Butter Paddle + HEMP Oil

Did you know that Hemp Seed Oil is a fantastic way to reinvigorate items that are made from wood? YEP! If you apply a thin coat, wiping it on, allowing it to rest, then follow with another coat you'll be surprised at how beautiful the finish returns.

Follow along as I share how I brought back the deep, rich sheen in these 3 antique butter paddles. They were a find of mine via an online auction. I knew that once I got my hands on them their beauty would be revived. I've been using HEMP SEED OIL for several years. I was sold on it after using it on a vintage chicken coop, turned into a rustic coffee table. I didn't want to put an 'official' sealer, such as an oil based finish, that would ruin the 'rustic' look. If you have something that is officially rustic...and the wood is beautiful, find a way to keep the beauty, but enhance the finish. Hemp oil does just that!

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