A$$Kicker with the Dirty Girls Adventure Group~

I have to give a shout out to Denise and Jennifer who own and operate the Dirty Girls Adventure Group (and shop) located in the NOTO arts district in Topeka, KS

NOTO is a special place for me as it helped me launch my creativity, my small business and gave me a safe place to create, learn and grow as a person.

The Dirty Girls Adventure Group~ organize hikes, kayak trips, adventure trips to surrounding areas. Most importantly, they serve as a safe place for women to try new outdoor adventures~no matter of their level or ability. Women for women~ how inspiring is that!!

The 8th annual "Asskicker" was a 20 mile paddle event on the Kansas River (KAW for short) from Lawrence to DeSoto KS this year. Some years the river is flowing at a relatively speedy clip~making the trip a little easier on the body, because you don't have to paddle as much~ this year was NOT that type of paddle. We paddled! We waded, pulled out boats around sandbars and actively worked to finish. It was a blast! A well deserved "Atta girl" is what we gave each other~ and a t-shirt to prove our finish was waiting at the end.

I was excited to go meet the 'girls' bright and early on a Saturday morning. It has been a long spring and summer waiting~ and waiting some more. I waited most of the summer for my new kayak rack to arrive, then more time for the Thule rack supports to arrive~ and then to get it all installed (due to parts being slow to arrive and backordered)~then to figure out how to load my boat. Got it done though! The EZ-Rec Rack is secure, but my opinion is OUT until I use it a few more times. I'm just not quite tall enough to load/unload it without some help. Once/IF I get 100% comfy in operating it, by loading and unloading, it by myself..then I'll share links all over social media. Until then, the jury is out.

A beautiful Saturday for to come together, share our appreciation for the river, our friendship, for being outside in nature and enjoy our lovely local river and finding local ADVENTURE!

A couple of my girlfriends joined me on the River~ I'm building my 'tribe' of outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and low-key people has been on my radar for a while. I've been slowly building my physical stamina, strength, emotional health and a 'can-do' attitude after finding myself covered with anxiety during the spring of 2020. Ok, to be honest, most ALL of 2020. These ladies have helped me the last 5+ years and I will forever be indebted to them for their care, support and advice. Thank you Olga and Stephanie!! Looking forward to more adventures with you!

What can you find on the Kansas River? A question you might ask~ well let's just start with the positive. Wildlife! Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, fish! Some people have seen beavers working along river bank areas, but I have not~YET! I love the waterfalls, the rippled rapids, combing the sandbars for unique and interesting items. I most always find an old glass jar~or some interesting colored glass bits to add to my 'river glass' collection jar. This time a member found a HUGE buoy that had floated from some place~cool find to put on your boat, dock or use in some sort of water way. Old bottles are neat, especially the intact ones. If they have a name on the bottle you can most always find an era by using google images.

The BAD (UGLY) part about being on the river is seeing the trash that people have dumped into it~both recently and over the decades. Old tires (hundreds), battery cases (hundreds), refrigerators, toys, toilets, you name it I bet it has been dumped at some point. We need to bring awareness of how valuable this resource is to US~~ not only for the WATER, but for the recreational, tourist and community enhancing qualities it can offer.

I'm not sure how to wake people up, but I'll keep highlighting the Kansas River~because it provides over 800K people with a water source. To keep up to date on ACTIVE education, resources and information about the Kansas River follow the Kansas Riverkeeper, Friends of the KAW. They regularly hold educational meetings, facilitate plantings around boat ramps the entire length of the river~ building native species, cleaning up trash, educating people!

The color of the boats, paddles and gear is quite a sight going down river.

You are in charge of what you bring and where you go.

The end of the day~when the shadows become more prominent, serene and peaceful.

It's the clouds and the reflections that bring my heart center.

The beautiful part is meeting new people.

Two local groups that need our support! I have recently discovered another kayak group, located in the Hutchinson, KS area. They offer kayak, canoe and tube rental for the Arkansas River.

You can find longer videos on my YouTube Channel. Leave me a comment under a video! Thank you.

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