A Baby, a flower and a ROADTRIP!

The baby I knew was arriving, not exactly when, but you can't hide a baby when you're into the 9th month. SO I wasn't overly surprised by her arrival. However, spending time with her 2 year old brother as his parents went to the hospital==PRICELESS! He was so excited to view the photos I was getting, just as much as I was. We really shared some special moments during the distance delivery. I'll never forget them.

So, per my previous blog~the baby arrived!

I received my 2nd shot~ and am relieved beyond measure to have it. A wonderful feeling!

I decided that with the weather changing and things on the 'up & up' I'd take myself on a little road trip around Douglas County, on my way to visit the Vinland Nursery and Garden store, located outside "Vinland, KS". A beautiful area in southeast Douglas County. It's not too far from Baldwin, KS. It is a cute, funky, colorful nursery filled with wonderful plants, colorful pottery, metal garden ware (new and vintage). Just a nice stop to make.

Just down the road I passed an old cemetery and church, which, OF COURSE, caught my eye. I stopped by to check them out on my way back home. Delightful, historic, serene, quiet and just what my afternoon needed. Although the church doors were locked, I peeked through the windows. Such a simple nave, but I could feel the people that brought it alive. Their songs, their weddings, burials and teachings. Rich in history, as it was built in 1860~a full 160+ years ago. What were the people like? Did they build it as a congregation? Did the women provide the food while the men labored? We don't do that 'well' any longer. We don't ask for help, rely on our neighbors for assistance~are we too proud to ask?

In the time of this pandemic, allowing ourselves to ask for help has been vital in keeping our spirits high, our minds connected. When I've tried to go it alone, it hasn't turned out to be a positive. I'm thinking that we have lost the art of 'connecting'. Food for thought and part of the reason why I began this blog. Connection!

My 3rd stop came after I turned down a dirt road that had a "Santa Fe Trail" sign. I'd been seeing them on my journey that day, but I made myself stop, back up and go back to 2 markers that I had seen at the corner. Don't just drive by~ get connected to where you are living, the history, the essence of what surrounds you. It has become very apparent to me that living life means investing in it~not just coasting through it. LIVE IT. Stop and read the dang markers, go home and investigate, search, research and then you've got a story to share with others. COMMUNICATION!

I made a video of my travels that day and incorporated my baby granddaughter into the experience. I hope you enjoy it. If you have a spot in the road, a cool spot where you go find your 'happy' items, like my flowers, or the cemetery stop, please share! I'd love to know of some future places I can put on my calendar for fun, unique, eclectic ROAD TRIPS!

Be safe everyone.

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