#2021 part 2

Updated: Jan 17

As the end of this year fast approaches, I feel it is a good time to take a look back on the adventures that took place in my life. Reflection is a great tool for changing your perception and recollections of your experiences. Our memories aren't as rock-solid, especially as we age, as we would expect them to be. I share them here as a way to make markers for myself, a way to help me keep track of the beauty that WAS part of 2021, in a year that held so much sadness, grief and anguish for so many.

I will always remember the evening when we met with friends after all of us had been doubled vaccinated, a jubilation ensued. We opened champagne, laughed, told CV19 stories of how we made it through last winter and early spring. We released so much anxiety, we shared our fears with each other and we 'cheered' each other to NEW horizons. We thought for sure the end was approaching. Summer 2021 was filled with live music, eating in restaurants for lunch and dinner, travel, exercise,health, focusing on living again. I think 2021 will always be an epic summer for me. I took control of some loose ends dealing with my anxiety, facing how my physical body wasn't as strong as it had been, working on getting into shape. Also looking forward to my eldest son getting married in September.

In my previous post I neglected to mention a couple of trips~one to Eureka Springs over July 4th weekend. I love it when an unexpected phone call leads to~ hey, got plans for the fourth? no, you? no we don't, wanna go somewhere? yes! let's make plans. And a plan is born. We went with another couple to ES for a VRB

Oh~ we went canoeing, went to Beaver Lake, rented a boat, drank champagne and cheered the fact that we had MADE it through! Some of you may think we lived in FEAR and that fear was controlling us. Actually, we lived in respect, knowing that what we sacrificed help keep our community safe. We isolated, we planned, we followed the moving target of what was recommended to do.

September hits and my son gets married!! We celebrated as our family gained a beautiful woman into our circle. I now have 2 beautiful women who have joined my clan and I love them both. Happy, happy, happy. I will support their families, because I respect them as people and because they make my sons happy. Tori and Erin~ welcome!! Much love!

A 2 week camping trip, late September, was shortened to a long weekend, much to my disappointment. Bummer, but we did get to a new state (Indiana) and found it worthy of an addition to the "REVISIT" list. We missed the northern part of the plan~where we were headed to Michigan. I was really looking forward to seeing Mackinac Island area. Health issues were part of the problem, as well business. Life happened. The trip to Perdue was well worth the effort. We stayed at a Hipcamp location north and east of Lafayette, IN. A beautiful 250 acre parcel of land, no hook ups, but a drop toilet area, that you know works if you plan. We saw the Boilermakers win a close football game. West Lafayette is a fun, college town area. I can see the revitalization of homes around the central downtown area making progress. Might be a good time to INVEST in real estate there, if one were inclined to do so.

End of 2021 brings changes, it brings reflection, hope for better days. I'm facing 2022 with a renewed focus on adventuring~on doing some solo camping trips in my vehicle, not in my trailer, so I can experience it. I've been watching lots of YT videos from people that 'SUV camp', learning tips and tricks. I've got some organization to do around my home, as always, time to clean out the old and put things away.

A few photos of a great day on the Kansas River with friends~ this was the "ASSKICKER" hosted by the Dirty Girls Adventure Group, a full 20 miles on the river. I loaded my kayak on a new system, which (of course) had been delayed due to shortages in the supply chain. A fun day to recall as it has been -10 (F) windchill here for a few days. Warmer, brighter, better days are coming! Find your hope, build your strength, stay positive, busy and see you all outside SOON!

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