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About Me




This is ME~ Whimsy~with a 'covid' hair color, growing out the dye and embracing my true colors of silver & white. I hid my gray for 30 years and THIS year, my 60th year on this earth, I'm giving UP the DYE! It's been a slow process, but the process has allowed me to 'grow' into the transition. 

I've got some things to say, adventures to share, unique perspectives on people,  places, and things and so I WILL. As you follow along, don't let the word 'adventure' be an end, let it be a beginning to learning, experiencing, and enjoying your life. I invite you to poke your nose around on this website and see if I can offer you inspiration or lessons. Life is short. It is a journey. It is better shared with others, who are walking their own path, but join alongside you to shore up the story. Please join me. 

Located in Lawrence, KS~with frequent road trips and DAILY adventures!


~aka, owner of Whimsy Wondering~ the restyled trailer~


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