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About Me

Hello Friends!

My name is Karen. I'm a creative who loves adventure~to me looking for adventure is a daily choice, a lifestyle, a mindset. 

Coming out of CV-19, where I had WAY too many dark days,

I made a choice to find a way outside, safely, opening up my dark days into snippets of creativity and journey.

I restyled a travel trailer, with the help of my friend Ron, who did the heavy mechanical stuff (like research batteries and tires ~so thankful for his engineering brain) I just wanted to tear it all out and put it back together with some color, textures and give it some 2020 pizazz.

But my adventures won't stop there~ let's keep going my heart and

brain said. Let's take the people who want to join in on adventures

on MANY adventures. Let's get them outside for hikes, let's take them to fun flea markets, restaurants, businesses and meet interesting, cool and eclectic people.  I'm hoping to add some products that I find along the way~ so stay tuned!

Let's get back to having community, meeting new friends, embracing our spirit of humanity!

Whimsy Wondering

where creativity meets ADVENTURE. 

~hope to see you around soon~


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


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